Alhomizi Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with skilled legal representation in the fields of commercial law, investments, finance, litigation and arbitration. We have extensive experience representing clients in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration.

To help you better understand our firm and what we can offer to you, please review the answers below to many of the frequently asked questions about our business law services.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping international clients to do business in Saudi Arabia and the MNA. Because many foreign companies are now able to do business in the country without Saudi investment partners, we have helped numerous clients from all over the world take advantage of exciting new business and investment opportunities.

Our firm has many local and regional clients, and our attorneys represent some of the most prominent local families and local businesses in the area. Because many businesses in Saudi Arabia are family owned, we have unique experience helping families to deal with issues of business succession and corporate governance. We also have experience restructuring family businesses as joint-stock companies and can provide you with assistance in complying with all requirements for making your business available for public trade.

We have our office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and are also part of a network of correspondent law firms throughout the MNA, so we can assist you with all legal matters related to doing business or litigating issues throughout the region.

Our major practice areas include all corporate matters, as well as litigation and arbitration. We are familiar with Sharia’a law and the MNA legal systems. We have represented clients in large and small transactions before courts and administrative boards and helped clients to settle disputes using alternative resolution. We can also assist clients with forming a new business, changing their business structure or handling many other transactional issues.

Our attorneys are consummate legal professionals with experience handling cases and controversies where billions of Saudi Riyals were at stake. Since the firm was founded in Oct 2015 by Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi, we have helped countless clients to address a myriad of legal issues.

Many of our attorneys are fluent in Arabic and English.

Our rates are competitive with other prominent law firms in the region.

How can I get legal information from your business law firm?

You can contact our firm and schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you with all of your legal matters

The laws in Saudi Arabia are unique for many reasons. Only attorneys from Saudi Arabia or other MENA countries will be intimately familiar with this the various laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia and will be able to give you in-depth legal advice on your rights and obligations.

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