Fahad Bin Mohammed Al Homizi Law Firm provides legal services with expertise, speed and confidentiality. The office is one of the leading offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in providing defense and legal proceedings before all levels of litigation. The office includes a number of lawyers with experience and practice. Our experience in the legal profession comes from daily practice, our continuous follow-up to the judicial process, which gives us a clear vision in preparing the defense plan and the reserve of any unexpected developments in the case.
We, Fahad Bin Mohammed Al Homizi, represent our lawyers and legal advisors based on our belief in the relationship between the lawyer and the client in the success of the cases, the preservation of rights and the knowledge of the commitments. Our office has been a pioneer in providing advice in all legal fields related to companies, And provide legal protection to them through a selection of lawyers and consultants with competence and experience in terms of scientific and practical.

Supervisor’s CV:

Name: Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Homizi

  • He holds a Bachelor of Sharia from the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.
  • MA in Private Law from the Faculties of the Arab East.
  • Diploma of law in Saudi systems at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.
  • Ph.D in Systems Department, Faculty of Sharia, Islamic University.

Licenses and Memberships:

  • Lawyer is bound by the Saudi Bar Code (Ministry of Justice).
  • Arbitrator in the Ministry of Justice within the list of accredited arbitrators.
  • Notarized by the Ministry of Justice Documented by the Ministry of Justice License No. (480/38).
    Member of the Arab lawyers union .
  • Certified arbitrator at the Commercial Arbitration Center of the GCC States.
  • Member of the Center for conciliation, arbitration and commercial experience at the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce in Paris.
    Member of the Saudi Judicial Scientific Society.
  • Member of the International Arbitration Tribunal.
  • Arbitrator at the International Arbitration Association, Brussels, Belgium (AIA).
  • Is restricted to the schedule of international arbitrators.
  • Skills Certificate from the International Tribunal for the Settlement of Disputes in London.

Practical experiences:
He have a legal experience in the criminal, legal, administrative, commercial, semi-judicial and public prosecution courts. The office cooperates with the largest companies in the Kingdom where we handle their cases. The office serves as legal advisor to these companies inside and outside the Kingdom. We are also certified arbitrators in the Ministry of Justice. Arbitration, holds many training courses in the field of criminal, commercial, labor, financial and human development issues. We also have a team of qualified criminal, legal and legal experts, doctors, lawyers and translators who have committed themselves Friendly, honesty and confidentiality in all our actions and evidenced by the continuous development and the size of the companies that we deal with, and fully prepared to do all business consulting, judicial work, procedural work.


Alhomizi Law Firm Combines International Experience With Its Strong Local Legal

Our Combination of local and international expertise allows us to analyze and deliver what it takes to create, enhance and protect your business interests.

Legal Services

Consulting and legal advice

We provide our clients in this section with extensive experience in all areas of law from top level advisors in the fields of family and estate issues, civil rights cases, claims, criminal cases, establishment and registration of Saudi companies and follow-up of all necessary legal procedures at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Registration of mixed and foreign companies ... We are also happy to provide all legal advice to our clients from companies, institutions and individuals and provide advice and advice in all legal fields, which take the form of contracts annual or semi-annual oral or written advice as

Endowments and investment entities

• The office of Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Homizi law firm in the field of endowments, funds or Waqf entities, and in this area to offer services based on a vision based on the principles of legitimacy of the moratorium in modern flexible formats contribute to the survival of the stay and development and achievement of what has been stopped for it, and aims to maximize the benefits of Endowment.
Our services in this field include:
• Formulating, documenting, documenting and ending Waqf documents
• Establishing Waqf companies and completing their statutory requirements from the establishment contracts and partner agreements and regulations
• Manage compliance and legal and legal control of the work of endowments and waqf companies, and management
• Supervise the implementation of the conditions of the standing in respect of the investment funds and banks
• Studying the legal aspects of the commercial transactions of the endowment entity and drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements
• Legal and legal representation of the project and coverage of the legal and legal aspects of the company's relationship with the others

Family Entities

Fahad Bin Mohammed Al Homizi Office provides legal advice to family entities, including the planning of the continuity of private wealth and the development of a family charter or constitution. We also accompany our strategic allies from specialized advisors in support of family entities in structuring their investments, projects and work to qualify them. As much as possible.
Our services in this field include:
• Provide legal advice in structuring and planning the continuity of family wealth
• Endowment and establishment of endowments in order to qualify for sustainability and continuity
• Cooperation with family offices
• Managing and resolving differences between different generations within the family entity
• Family constitution

Corporate Services

We provide advice to large and medium-sized companies and contributors as well as multinational companies in all matters of investment law and companies. Our services include the establishment, registration and reorganization of companies as well as joint ventures and reorganization by taking various measures such as mergers or conversion from closed contribution to public share, Companies, representation in disputes between shareholders or between the Company and its shareholders, re-liquidation, drafting and auditing of contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and representation before all relevant government departments such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, General Leah Investment, and the Capital Market Authority.


The geographical and economic location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes it an ideal location to be a receiving station for investments from all over the world in the west and east, including taking advantage of the infrastructure projects of the Kingdom in particular and the Gulf countries in general. Fahad Bin Mohammed Al Humeizi Law Office has extensive experience in providing legal services to foreign companies seeking to invest in Saudi Arabia. We also support Saudi companies that receive investment from their allies outside of Saudi Arabia. We support our customers at every stage of their projects and we support them during their investment period.
Our services in this field include:
• Legal advice on investment structuring and entry mechanisms for the Saudi market
• Review and prepare legal contracts
• Support in negotiation
• Examination and preparation of reports of denial of ignorance and unfairness (Legal Due Diligence Reports).
• Establishment of foreign investment entities
• Prepare and discuss documents for the formation of foreign legal entities, including partnership contracts and terms, shareholder agreements and technical authorization agreements.
• Continuous legal consultation for foreign investment entities


Arbitration is one of the most important means of resolving commercial disputes and investment disputes because of its advantages. Arbitration enables parties to resolve their disputes within weeks or months instead of years. The parties can choose an arbitrator with expertise and related disciplines. Fahad Bin Mohammed Al Hmeizi has extensive experience in arbitration, efficiency and seriousness in resolving commercial and investment disputes.
1) Represent clients before arbitral tribunals.
2) Drafting and reviewing arbitration agreements.
3) The Office has specialized consultants who can act as arbitrators.

Pleading before courts of all kinds

The office is an agency for its clients in the art of advocacy and representation in all Shari'a courts. Administrative and penal courts. The committee for settling banking disputes. Labor bodies. Office for the settlement of commercial paper disputes. Customs committees. Magistrates, public and penal courts. And the committees formed under the regulations, orders and decisions for the consideration of cases within its jurisdiction and other judicial bodies, in the following cases:
Business Issues
• Corporate issues and disputes arising from contracts with other companies or disputes arising between the partners themselves.
• Commercial paper issues (check, bill of exchange, bill of lading).
• Commercial fraud cases.
• Issues of commercial agencies.
• Issues of objection and defense of trademark and trade names of enterprises, companies, intellectual property and patents.
• Customs issues and customs clearance.
• Construction issues.
• Brokerage issues.
2 Banking Issues:
Our office participates in the Agency for its valued clients, individuals, companies and financial institutions (banks, banks)
• Provide advice on all legislation related to banks and finance.
• Advocacy and advocacy before the Banking Dispute Settlement Committee.
3 Administrative issues:
• The Office is engaged in the field of administrative law in providing legal advice, advocacy and advocacy in administrative cases, those cases, one of which is a government agency, through the following:
• Representing clients in lawsuits related to contracts concluded with government agencies.
• Proceeding in compensation claims against government agencies.
4 Legal issues and personal status (civil):
We have proved our competence in this type of case, as we have emerged before the role of the judiciary in all its degrees, thus gaining experience and skills that led us to provide the best services of excellence to our clients to be agents before them in all Shari'a courts. By Islamic courts.
5 Labor issues:
In this section, we combine lawyers and consultants with expertise and skills with a distinguished expertise to represent our clients before the competent judicial authorities (the Supreme Court for the Settlement of Labor Disputes and the Supreme Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes) in any disputes between the establishments and their employees.
5 Insurance Issues:
Because insurance has covered most aspects of our daily life in Saudi Arabia, whether in personal, commercial or other matters. In light of the expansion and increase in the number of licenses granted to companies to work in this field, we considered that it is necessary to provide legal services based on specialization to ensure the rights of clients in These contracts and those services we offer:
1) Review contracts and insurance policies concluded by commercial companies or concluded by individuals with insurance companies in order to arrive at a legal and legal formula and framework that guarantees the rights of each party.
2) Consultancy in disputes arising from the application of insurance contracts in respect of the contents of such contracts.
3) Making claims and pleading with the competent judicial authorities in the event of a dispute.


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